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Will The Court In Brooklyn Let Me Move Our Kids Out Of State To Be Closer To My Relatives?

It is possible to get the court’s blessing to move out of state with children after a divorce in Brooklyn.

Judges want to understand the ways that such a move will impact your children, so showing that relatives close by means a broader base of support for you and your children, or the opportunity to pursue educational or career advancement to better provide for them, are strong arguments in favor of the move.

If your former spouse opposes the move, it helps to be flexible and show the court that you intend to continue to foster the children’s relationship with their other parent.

This may require a rewriting of a custody and visitation agreement to allow for longer access during school breaks and holidays, depending on the quality and nature of their current relationship.

Most importantly, your filings must put your children, and the advantages they will experience in their new home, first.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you show Brooklyn judges that you have your children’s best interest at heart.

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